New update for SuperVAG KEY has been released. New version number 2013.3 is now available for download on our website in section download (link HERE).




Firmware: FW 23 / 104
faster reaction in the case of losing USB connect (USB cable disconnecte)
some Bluetooth dongle cannot be used under Windows XP. (There is no support by the Microsoft).



New function of program KEY

Function of sending LOG files (communication record): files can be selected by date. You can send files from appropriate day everytime.



Function SuperVAG DeTeCtor.

SuperVAG DeTeCtor is new licence, which enables you to read every control unit in the car, read its trouble codes, print it and erase it.

You can read and erase trouble codes on other control units as the immobilizer control unit.
You can find out simply if there are more problems (errors) in the car.
Automatic test - testing of all control units in the car, reading trouble codes and showing list (protocol) of results. Results can be printed on the printer or saved to the file.
Erasing of trouble codes memory is possible.
You can erase Service intervalls on selected models.



Comfort function Erase of all remote controls and Add next remote control

  There is another procedure for working with remote contnrols on the cars of VW Polo/up!/Škoda Fabia/citigo/SEAT Ibiza/Mii.

  The comfort function is divided into two functions - erasing and learning.

  Function Erase of all remote controls erases all remotes as well.

  Function Add next remote control adds only the new remote control (not other remotes controls are needed at the moment).


Added Comfort function Reading immobilizer state on models 2010-2012


- ID of transponders are learned

- ID of transponder currently in the ignition

- mark of the vehicle

- operating state of the imobilizer


Models added

VW New Beetle 2000-2008
VW Jetta (USA) 2010-2012
VW Amarok 2012-
VW Transporter 2010-


Function corrected

Škoda Yeti 2010-2012, added remote control testing and learning (recognition of control unit corrected)
VW Golf VI 2010-2012, added remote control testing and learning (recognition of control unit corrected)
Reading PIN on control units ME7.5 a ME7.1 (petrol engines 2,0 and 3.2, Golf, New Beetle, Audi TT 2000-2007)


Newly supported control units by reading PIN

Instrument cluster M73 a MM4 (New Beetle a Audi TT 1999-2003)