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New Tango version 1.94

Tuesday, 14 January 2014 12:33:25 Europe/London


  • Tango software added (online update)
  • Dump editor for EDC17 VAG
  • Key maker Honda Jazz 2008 (93C66,HITAG)
  • Updated Techstream calc. to v8.30*
  • CAS3+ update: all keys lost situation having the ECU dump
    it is possible to make a key


Posted in Tango By Alva Clein

New software update for Orange 5 v1.32

Wednesday, 27 November 2013 13:01:04 Europe/London

 New software update for Orange 5 v1.32 - Archive password is same as for the previous version. Available online to download http://www.scorpio-lk.com/eng_index/index.html


Posted in General News By Alva Clein

SuperVag Version 2013.3

Friday, 18 October 2013 11:29:25 Europe/London

New update for SuperVAG KEY has been released. New version number 2013.3 is now available for download on our website www.supervag.com in section download (link HERE).




Firmware: FW 23 / 104
faster reaction in the case of losing USB connect (USB cable disconnecte)
some Bluetooth dongle cannot be used under Windows XP. (There is no support by the Microsoft).



New function of program KEY

Function of sending LOG files (communication record): files can be selected by date. You can send files from appropriate day everytime.



Function SuperVAG DeTeCtor.

SuperVAG DeTeCtor is new licence, which enables you to read every control unit in the car, read its trouble codes, print it and erase it.

You can read and erase trouble codes on other control units as the immobilizer control unit.
You can find out simply if there are more problems (errors) in the car.
Automatic test - testing of all control units in the car, reading trouble codes and showing list (protocol) of results. Results can be printed on the printer or saved to the file.
Erasing of trouble codes memory is possible.
You can erase Service intervalls on selected models.



Comfort function Erase of all remote controls and Add next remote control

  There is another procedure for working with remote contnrols on the cars of VW Polo/up!/Škoda Fabia/citigo/SEAT Ibiza/Mii.

  The comfort function is divided into two functions - erasing and learning.

  Function Erase of all remote controls erases all remotes as well.

  Function Add next remote control adds only the new remote control (not other remotes controls are needed at the moment).


Added Comfort function Reading immobilizer state on models 2010-2012


- ID of transponders are learned

- ID of transponder currently in the ignition

- mark of the vehicle

- operating state of the imobilizer


Models added

VW New Beetle 2000-2008
VW Jetta (USA) 2010-2012
VW Amarok 2012-
VW Transporter 2010-


Function corrected

Škoda Yeti 2010-2012, added remote control testing and learning (recognition of control unit corrected)
VW Golf VI 2010-2012, added remote control testing and learning (recognition of control unit corrected)
Reading PIN on control units ME7.5 a ME7.1 (petrol engines 2,0 and 3.2, Golf, New Beetle, Audi TT 2000-2007)


Newly supported control units by reading PIN

Instrument cluster M73 a MM4 (New Beetle a Audi TT 1999-2003)
Posted in General News By Alva Clein

Tango Software v1.93

Monday, 7 October 2013 18:27:15 Europe/London



Tango Software v1.93


  • Tango software added (online update)
  • Copying of Megamos48 for Kia Carnival 2000-, Kia Clarus 2000-, Kia Sedona 1999-, Kia Shuma 2000-, Kia Sportage 2000-, Chevrolet Aveo 2006-, Chevrolet Kalos 2006-, Chevrolet Spark 2008-, Chevrolet Tacuma 2006-, Pontiac G3 2006-, Daewoo Matiz 2001-, Daewoo Kalos 2002-, Daewoo Lacetti 2002-, Daewoo Nubira 2000-, Daewoo Leganza 2000-, Daewoo Lanos 2002-
Posted in Tango By Alva Clein

Immo HPX 4V0 (june 2013)

Wednesday, 7 August 2013 15:13:05 Europe/London

 Immo HPX 4V0

PCF7941 Reset (More Information)

Alfa Romeo

A2 VDO crypto 93C86
A3 UKNSI 93C56 
A3 VDO '97/99 93C66
A3 VDO crypto 93C86
A3 MM 912DG128
A4 UKNSI 0012-003 93C56
A4 UKNSI 0014-001 93C56
A4 UKNSI 0016-001 93C56
A4 UKNSI '97/98 93C56
A4 VDO '97/99 93C66
A4 VDO '99/01 93C86
A4 MM 912DG128
A6 UKNSI 0012-001 93C56
A6 UKNSI 0014-001 93C56
A6 UKNSI 0016-001 93C56
A6 VDO '97/99 93C66
A6 VDO '99/01 93C86
A6 VDO crypto 93C86
A6 MM 912DG128
S3/S6 MM 912DG128
TT MM 912DG128
'94/97 4A0 953 234 93C46
Delphi 8D0 953 234 93C46
'00/04 ECU EDC15 24C04
A3 1.8T 0261204678 24C02
A4 1.8T 0261204778 24C02
A4 '02 8E0 909 xxx 95040

Dash with M35080
EWS-3 HC11EA9 clips [0D46J]
EWS-3 HC11EA9 wires [0D46J]
EWS-3 HC11EA9 adap [2D47J]
EWS-3+ HC11EA9 clip [0D46J]
EWS-3+ HC11EA9 adap [2D47J]

All Chery with 0L72A
All Chery with 0L59X

SKIM immobox 24C02

Berlingo 03/06 BSI v1 95160
Berlingo 03/06 BSI v2 95160
Berlingo 03/09 BSI v3 95160
C2 '03/04 BSI 95160
C3 '02/04 BSI v1 95160
C3 '02/04 BSI v2 95160
C5 '01/04 BSI 912DG128
C5 '02/04 BSI 95160
C8 '03/04 BSI 912DG128
Picasso '03/04 BSI 95160
Xsara II '01/03 BSI 95040
Berlingo Valeo 93C46
Jumper '99/06 Delphi 93C56
Jumpy 705E6 [F82B]
Relay Delphi 93C56
Xsara ECU EDC15C2 95P08

SKIM immobox 24C02

Panda '02 BSI [1L40K]
Stilo 912DG128 [3K91D]
Stilo BSI [1K79X]
Strada BSI [1K79X]
IMM001.11 [1K59H]
IMM009.01 [1K59H]
IMM009.01 [0L72A]
IMM100.01 [1K59H]
IMM110.01 [1K59H]
Bravo 705E6 [G72G]
Bravo 705E6 Clips [G72G]
Bravo 08AZ32 [1H56A]
Cinquecento '96 93C46
Coupe '96 immobox BOSCH 93C46
Ducato Delphi 93C56
Marea 08AZ32 [1H56A]
Punto 93C46
Punto Delphi 93C66
Scudo 705E6 [F82B]
Palio '09 [0L72A]
Seicento Delphi 93C56
Scudo '01 JTD EDC15C2 95P08

Focus '00 ECU 77012

Fouco 500 [ST10F269]

Acord '06 Immo HIS-5 93C46
Legend '07 Immo HIS-5 93C46
Valeo HC05B6 [0F10V]
Valeo HC05B8 [3D33J]
Valeo HC705B16 [0D28J]

Grand Cherokee 08AZ32 0J66D
SKIM immobox 24C02

'99/01 Immobox 93C46

Kappa immobox BOSCH 93C46

6 ECU 93A66

Mercedes Benz
Sprinter 05X16 [0D62J]
Sprinter/Vito 08AZ32 [0J66D]
Sprinter/Vito 08AZ32A [L52H]
W203 908AZ60 [1J35D]
W220 908AZ60 [1J35D&4J74Y]
W211 912DC128A [3K91D]

Immobox with TMS370Cx2x
Skyline [1L15Y] Wires
Automotive K/CAN
NATS-2 (Motorola)
NATS-5 (TMS in 5WK48645)

Immo HC05B6 [0F10V]
Immo TMS370C002 (PLCC28)
Immo 5WK4 7631[0L72A]

307 '01/03 BSI 912DG128
307 '01/03 BSI 912DG128A
307 '02/05 BSI 95160
807 '04/05 BSI 912DG128
807 '05/06 BSI 95128
Boxer Delphi 93C56
106 Valeo 93C46,
Partner Valeo 93C46

Clio-I immobox Sagem 93C46
Clio-II '98 BMT Sagem 93C46
Kangoo immobox Sagem 93C46
Master '99-01 immobox Sagem 93C46
Megane UCH [4L91N]
IR key
Clio key with MC68HC05K3

Valeo HC05B6 [0F10V]
Valeo HC05B8 [3D33J]
Valeo HC705B16 [0D28J]
EWS 9S12DG128 [3L40K]

Cordoba VDO '99/01 93C86
Cordoba VDO '03/05 93C86
Cordoba MM 9S12H256
Ibiza VDO '00 93C66
Ibiza VDO '99/01 93C86
Ibiza VDO '03/04 93C86
Ibiza VDO crypto 93C86
Ibiza MM 9S12H256
Leon VDO v.1 93C86
Leon VDO v.2 93C86
Leon VDO v.3 93C86
Leon VDO v.4 93C86
Toledo VDO v.1 93C86
Toledo VDO v.2 93C86
Toledo VDO v.3 93C86
EDC15 '00/04 24C04
EDC16U1 '04/06 95320
EDC16U31 '03/05 95320

Fabia VDO '00/01 v1 93C86
Fabia VDO '00/01 v2 93C86
Fabia VDO '04 93C86
Fabia VDO crypto 93C86
Felicia VDO 93C66,
Felicia VDO '01/02 93C86
Oktavia VDO 93C66
Oktavia VDO '00/05 93C86
Oktavia VDO crypto 93C86
Roomster VDO crypto 93C86
SuperB VDO '02/04 93C86
SuperB VDO crypto 93C86
'00/04 ECU EDC15 24C04
'05/06 ECU EDC16U1 95320

Baleno '99- 93C66
Swift '99- 93C66
Alto 24C01
Ignis 24C01
Jimny 24C01
SX4 [0L72A]

Immobox 89780-12070 93C66
Immobox 89780-20010 24C04
Immobox 89780-42030 93C66
ECU 89661-50440 93C56

VW Beetle dash
Beetle 912D60
Beetle '03/05 912DG128
Beetle 03/05 912DG128C L05H
Beetle 05/06 9S12H256 K78X
VW Beetle ECU
Beetle EDC16U31 95320
VW Bora dash
Bora MOT'99/00 24C02
Bora VDO 93C66
Bora VDO '99/00 93C86
Bora VDO '01 93C86
Bora VDO '01/03 93C86
Bora VDO '03/05 93C86
VW Caravelle ECU
T5 '04/06 EDC16U1 95320
T5 '04/06 EDC16U31 95320
VW Fox dash
Fox MM 9S12H256
VW Golf dash
G4 MOT 24C02
G4 MOT '01/03 24C08
G4 BOSCH '02/03 24C08
G4 VDO 93C66
G4 VDO '99/00 93C86
G4 VDO '01 93C86
G4 VDO '01/03 93C86
G4 VDO '02/03 93C86,
G4 MOT addr.line 24C02
VW Jetta dash
Jetta VDO '00 93C66
Jetta VDO '99/01 93C86
Jetta VDO '01 93C86
VW Passat dash
Passat B5 MM HC11KG4
B5 VDO 93C66
B5 VDO '99/01 93C86
B6 VDO '01/02 93C86
B6 VDO '03/04 93C86
MOT addr. line 24C02
VW Pointer dash
Pointer '05/06 93C66
VW Polo dash
Polo VDO '01/02 93C86
Polo VDO '01/04 93C86
Polo VDO crypto 93C86
Polo '04 ECU 1.4 MM 95320
VW Sharan ECU
Sharan '00/04 EDC15 24C04
Sharan 06/07 EDC16U31 95320
VW Touran ECU
ECU EDC16U34 '06/07 95320
VW Transporter dash
T4 VDO '01/03 93C86
T5 VDO '03/07 93C86
VW Transporter ECU
'00/04 ECU EDC15 24C04
'03/06 ECU EDC16U1 95320
'03/07 ECU EDC16U31 95320
Fox '08 Brazil 93LC56
Immo HC05B6 [0F10V]
Immo HC05B6 [0B91T]
Immo HC05B8 [3D33J]
Immo TMS370C002 (PLCC28)
00/04 ECU EDC15 
03/06 ECU EDC16U1 
03/07 ECU EDC16U31 
06/07 ECU EDC16U34

Posted in General News By Alva Clein

Orange 5 V1.31R6

Monday, 24 June 2013 20:35:57 Europe/London






Posted in General News By Alva

Tango Software v1.90

Monday, 24 June 2013 20:33:37 Europe/London


  • Tango software added (passwords are in the forum)
  • Key maker by an image file of SuperVAG KEY for VW, Skoda, Seat (ID48)
  • Key maker VW Jeta 2008- (93C86,ID48)
  • Key maker Zhonghua FSV (93C56,HITAG)
  • Key maker Fiat Sedici 2006- (93C56,HITAG)
  • Key maker Suzuki SX4 2006- (93C56,HITAG)
  • New pictures in help file (total 364MB )
Posted in Tango General News By Alva

Tango Software v1.89

Monday, 24 June 2013 20:17:44 Europe/London


  • Tango software added (passwords are in the forum)
  • Tango+ for Toyota
  • Launched Online Update
  • Key maker Ducati 1199 Panigale (9S12, 4D)*
  • Key maker Nissan Juke 2011- (93C76,HITAG)
  • Key maker Daihatsu Cuore 2004- (93C66,ID4D)*
  • Key maker Daihatsu Materia 2004- (93C66,ID4D)*
  • Key maker Daihatsu Sirion 2004- (93C66,ID4D)*
  • Key maker Daihatsu Terios 2004- (93C66,ID4D)*
  • Key maker Suzuki Denso ECU 32920-23H00 (93C66, ID4D)
  • New pictures in help file (total 359MB )
  • Updated Techstream calculator to the versions v8.00 & v8.10
Posted in Tango By Alva

Tango Software v1.87

Thursday, 31 January 2013 16:54:37 Europe/London

  • Tango software added (passwords are in the forum)
  • Off-line Full Copy of TIRIS DST (ID60-70)
  • Key maker SsangYong Musso 2001-05 (68HC05,ID48)
  • Key maker VW Passat B6 (95320,HITAG)*
  • Key maker Renault Twingo-II 2007- (9S12, HITAG)*
  • Key maker Ford Fiesta 2001- (93C86, ID4C)
  • Key maker Opel Signum 2002- (93C76,HITAG)*
  • Key maker Opel Vectra 2002- (93C76,HITAG)*
  • Key maker Ford Fusion 2007- (95160,ID4D)
  • Key maker Kia Cee’d 2012- (TC1762,HITAG)
  • Key maker Hyundai i30 2012- (TC1762,HITAG)
  • Key maker Hyundai Solaris 2012- (TC1762,HITAG)
  • Key maker Toyota Auris 2005- immobox (93C66,ID67)*
  • Key maker Renault Avantime 2001- (HC912,ID60)
  • Key maker Fiat Coupe 1996- (93C46,ID33)
  • Key maker Fiat Croma 1996- (93C46,ID33)
  • Key maker renault Mascott 2007- (95080,HITAG)*
  • New pictures in help file (total 342MB)
Posted in Tango General News By Naheem Mahmood

Tango Software v1.86

Sunday, 30 December 2012 16:30:50 Europe/London

  • Tango software added (passwords are in the forum)
  • Key maker VW Passat B6 (95320,ID48)
  • Key maker Renault Scala 2010- (93C66,HITAG)
  • Key maker Nissan Aprio 2008- (93C66,HITAG)*
  • Key maker Lincoln Cotinental 1998- (MC68HC11,ID4C)
  • Key maker Renault Duster 2010- (93C66, HITAG)*
  • Techstream 96-digits + VIN calculator updated upto the last version
  • New pictures in help file (total 337MB)
  • All makers based on the ID4C extended to TPX1 and EH2
    and supplied with “Explore key” button
Posted in By Naheem Mahmood

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