Orange-5 Beta drivers for 64bit Windows XP,7 OS





Dear customers,

We have released today Orange-5 software and drivers kit that introduces
support for 64 bit operational systems (Win XP 64 bit, Win7 64, etc..).

Use this software only if you need to run Orange-5 on a 64bit PC, otherwise use the standard version !

Because there are some specifics in the installation proccess should download and read the installation guide for the drivers:

In order to acquire the software the procedure is the
same as with previous Orange-5 updates.
Download the software from our downloads section:

NB.: The archive is password encrypted. The password is the same as in the previous updates. If you lost the password, or you are a new customer who recently obtained Orange-5 programmer e-mail us with the full serial number of your Orange-5 programmer.

To check your personal serial number use the following steps:

1. Connect your Orange-5 to a PC
2. Start Orange5.exe
3. Once started click inside the program screen Help -> System Info
4. On the screen that pops up you will see a box named S/N which contains your full serial number.